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Richard's acting resume is here. Richard's IMDb page is here.


A native New Yorker, Richard is continually active in stage, film, television and commercial projects.


He is a screenwriter and produced playwright, as well as a TV series executive producer.


He began acting on stage in classics such as The Alchemist by Ben Jonson and Tom Jones at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.


He is currently appearing on Amazon Prime in the lead role of Dr. Daniel Milgram in the original award-winning TV series Milgram And The Fastwalkers, a noir TV drama about UFOs, for which he is Showrunner, Director, Writer and Executive Producer.


Most recently, Richard appeared in House Of Cards as CIA Liaison in Season 2 and again in Season 3 as FBI Diredtor.


He did the lead role of Owen Grey in Kevin Kangas' film, Garden Of Hedon, and in the lead role in Kangas' TerrorTory2, in addition to appearing in three Westerns from Director Wayne Shipley; as Murphy in Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws (2019), as Joshua Carter in Day Of The Gun (2013) and as Creed Logan in Come Hell Or High Water (2008).


Richard appeared in the Disney feature, National Treasure 2: The Book Of Secrets , with Nicolas Cage and has worked repeatedly on All My Children and The Wire, and The FBI Files (Discovery Channel).


His lead roles include Ian Gallagher (The Church), Jake Martin (JuJu: The Witchdoctor Chronicles), The Man (Origin), Ethan (The Color Of Rain Is Red), and Reggie Pope in the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, world premiere of $40 Million, If You Want It.


Richard’s feature films include The Weather's Warm When The Sun Is Hot, as Thompson, the Western Come Hell Or High Water (One-Eyed Horse) as baddie Creed Logan, and in The Sins of the Fathers, playing psychiatrist Dr. Ben Nichols.


He has a B.A. in Acting/Theatre Studies from Connecticut College, and is an Acting Program Graduate of the National Theater Institute, Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Richard is Meisner Technique trained (Farwell Studio, NYC), and he has studied acting with Terry Schreiber Studios, NYC, Martin Blank Studios in DC, and at various acting studios in New York.


He has a Masters in International Economics from Columbia University.


Richard's acting resume is hereRichard's IMDb page is here.


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